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      CCM NEWS

           NOVEMBER 2019

Hello from Overath,

We hope you are fine.

We contact you today with an important new development.

We are proud that can offer you that now after nearly two years of hard negotiations with the insurance company.

Looking forward to your feedback.

Greetings from Overath,

Bernd, Heiner, Gerd, Neil & the CCM Team.

Liquid Glass Mobile Phone Coating with a
1 year Screen Assurance Guarantee
of up to 250.00 EUR

General Information

CCM created a Liquid Glass Coating for Mobile Phones approximately
8 years ago and since then it became a standard product which is recognised as the world‘s leading DIY coating for Phones.

Now CCM has initiated the second phase of development:

We now offer the coatings with a one-year Product Preformance Guarantee warrantry program for private label customers.

This highly sophisticated package is powered by AIG, one of the worlds leading insurance companies. This Product Preformance Guarantee program, is fully adminsitered by Asfalis Warranty Solutions and managed through a mobile App and fully automated online registration platform.
The program guarantees the customer‘ s screen against breakage for 1 year after the application of the Liquid Glass coating.

We are starting with Europe, the US, Canada and New Zealand.
Other countries will follow soon.

                  Content of the kit:

1 pre-cleaning wipe, 10 x 14cm, generic print design
1 Liquid Glass coating wipe, 10 x 14cm, generic print design
1 micro-fibre tissue
1 user instruction
1 warranty activation code for one year

packed in a 4 color retail envelope with euro slot to your OEM design and bulk shipped 200 units per outer carton.


6.000 pcs. per delivery (= half pallet).

Available Product Performance     Guarantee Coverage Levels:

100.00 EUR / 200.00 EUR / 250.00 EUR

     Registration of the Product        Performance Guarantee:

Download the "Asfalis Warranty Solutions" Registration App and follow the instructions.

Duration of the warranty: 1 year from date of purchase

     How it works if a claim is made:

1. The customer opens a „ticket“ online, as described in the „Warranty Terms & Conditions“ . The claim will be initiated and processed online.
2. The customer goes to any „professional “ mobile phone repair store in his country which is able to issue a valid VAT receipt.
3. The customer pays for the repair at the store.
4. The customer uploads the receipt to the Asfalis platform through the portal and Asfalis will pay out the value of the receipt up to the maximum warranty value.

The customer pre-finances the repair and is then reimbursed for the coverage amount under the Product Preformance Guarantee program;
a very standard procedure.

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