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Product of the month: Graffiti Protection

Extremely durable, one-component coating, free from short term sacrificial layers. This technology provides outstanding protective properties against
all types of graffiti. In many instances graffiti removal can be conducted with
water and a microfibre.

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CCM supports "Uganda Care"

CCM started to support "Uganda Care" in 2017 by donating Bacoban in wipes and concentrate form. We are pleased to have been able to offer Bacoban again this year. The Bacoban ready-to-use sanitiser and wipe was exceptionally useful this year as when the medical team arrived at the local hospital in Uganda the water supply was not working and the only sanitser which was available was Bacoban.

We congratulate the team from "Uganda Care" for the wonderful work which they undertake. The medics provide their services completely free of any fees and they also fund their travel and accommodation themselves.

New References:

1) Cleaning and Coating of a Concrete Wall

2) Paving Stones in the city of Stadtlohn / Germany

3) World famous Bronze Sculptures by Salvador Dali protected

7654 WB Rapid On Coating: Awarded Food Safety Certificate

7654 is our water-based coating for car bodywork and associated surfaces. It provides 3+ months durability on frequently washed cars and 6+ protection on surfaces which are not washed frequently. Ideally suited for other "hard"/non-absorbent surfaces in bathrooms and  many other environments.
It is very easy-to-use, has good  hydrophobicity and provides a bright appearance on coated surfaces (further information).

CCM has followed our partners requests and established food safety testing in an external lab. The results confirmed that the coating is food safe, after curing. It should be stressed that this technology, which is also approved for applicaton in the aviation sector, is exceptionally quick and easy to apply and is highly suited to both commercial and retail platforms.

New Product Introduction:
Hot Stuff (R) washable sneaker coating

After many years of R & D we are very proud to present
HOT STUFF the first high performance machine washable stain and water repellent textile coating on the market:

The first product we are introducing to the international market is our "Sneaker Coating" .

Here are some attributes:
▪ ultra strong stain protection, suitable for military use
▪ very durable - machine washable at 30 ° C (min.10 times / eco wash)
▪ water and oil resistant
▪ self-healing
▪ biodegradable
▪ for all types of sneakers made from fabric and suede (not optimized for smooth leather shoes)
▪ easy-to-use
▪ no color change
▪ water-based
▪ Free from propellant gas and CFCs
▪ not tested on animals

We have created a dropbox for you with all information and prices.

Here you can download all information.

For prices please contact Bernd ( zimmermann@ccm-international.eu ).

The sales program in Germany has just started, in co-operation with an exclusive partner.

Hot Stuff  is undoubtedly  a maket leading technology as the performance characteristics are equal to or surpass industrially applied technologies, and yet this is a DIY technology. Our research informs us  that this exceptional technology  significantly outperforms competitor products . This offers us  a huge opportunity to lead the market. We expect this product to be  as successful as our mobile phone coating which we continue to sell in millions of units.

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