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New Product Introduction:
Hot Stuff (R) washable sneaker coating

After many years of R & D we are very proud to present
HOT STUFF, the first high performance,
machine washable, stain and water repellent DIY textile coating on the market.

The first product we are introducing, from what will become a "range" is our "Sneaker Coating".
This will be introduced on a global basis over the next months. 

Here are some attributes:
▪ ultra strong stain protection, suitable for military use
▪ very durable - machine washable  (min.10 times/cool eco wash)
▪ water and oil resistant
▪ self-healing
▪ biodegradable
▪ for all types of sneakers made from fabric and suede (not optimized for smooth leather shoes)
▪ easy-to-use
▪ no color change
▪ water-based
▪ Free from propellant gas and CFCs
▪ not tested on animals

We have created a dropbox for you with all information.

Please contact us if you would like to become involved in the regional distribution of HOT STUFF.

For prices please contact Bernd (zimmermann@ccm-international.eu).

The sales program in Germany has just started, in co-operation with an exclusive partner.
German website

In our view we are very much world leaders with this product as the performance characteristics are equal to or surpass industrially applied technologies, and yet this is a DIY technology. Our research informs us that our technology significantly outperforms competitor technologies. This will provide us all a huge opportunity to lead the market. We expect that this product will be at least as successful as our mobile phone coating which we have sold throughout the world and which we continue to sell in millions of units.

New Flyer Graffiti Protection online

Our one pack, single coat, permanent non-sacrificial coating 7626 provides excellent protection against fly poster and graffiti attack.The product allows for easy and repeated removal of graffiti. In most instances, graffiti can be removed with water and detergent.


Further information

Video of the Month

Hot Stuff Sneaker Coating - amazingly effective.


Individualised Training sessions are now available

Our colleague Yavuz Melek can be booked for individual training and application services.

Here is the full offer.

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