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JULY 2018

Hello from Overath,

We wish you a great vacation period, enjoy your holidays!
Before, here are some news from us.

CCM Hybrid Textile Coating gains the prestigious

Eco Passport 

The new HFNSF Industrial Textile Coating (Hybrid Fluorinated Nano Silica Fusion Technology) has passed the rigorous Eco Passport Certification process and so meets the "100 Standard" of the world famous Hohenstein Textile Testing Institute.

As a result of this certification end users can now use the OEKO-TEX® label on fabrics coated with this technology.

CCM is proud to introduce this truly revolutionary technology to our partners throughout the world.


11th Int. Liquid Glass Training with participants

from18 countries

The 11th CCM Int. Liquid Glass Training took place between the 14th / 15th of May, 2018 in Cologne / Germany.

Approximately 40 participants from 18 countries learned all about the unique CCM technologies, such as Liquid Glass and Long-Term disinfection.

The participants came from these countries: America, Canada, England, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Netherlands, Malaysia, Morocco, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, South Africa and Switzerland.

In addition the participants discussed the possibilities for international sales. Thankfully there was enough space for networking and sharing ideas and so the event was very enjoyable and valuable for everybody. CCM will sign and announce new exclusive agreements for several countries very soon and so the rapid expansion of our collective global network will continue.

New Flyer: Liquid Glass Coatings for Boats & Yachts

As we have realized that we get more and more inquiries for boat coatings we have developed a flyer for these.

You can download it here:



626 Graffiti Coating: Upgraded to 7626

We have upgraded our graffiti protection 626. The new art. no. is 7626.

Here are the main attributes:
  • Very strong bonding with a thinner layer than 626
  • Zero Ghosting
  • Single Component System, one coat in most cases is sufficient (some highly porous surfaces may require a non-darkening primer coating or 2 coats of 7626 which can be applied within 30 minutes) The 626 coating required two coats in all instances and these coats could not be applied  until 2/3 hours had elapsed, therefore the 7626 provides significantly improved application efficiency
  • Open the can and roll it on. No mixing and no messing means less labour cost
  • Long Term Protection
  • Graffiti can normally be removed quickly and easily using just water. In most instances graffiti removal liquids are not necessary
  • No dangerous goods shipment (626: Dangerous goods)
  • Available in all *RAL colors (626 was only available as "transparent".) *MOQ 100L for coloured variants
No Increase In Prices.

Product Sheet and MSDS you can download here.

CCM Partner Nano Planet celebrates inauguration

Nano Planet in Maastricht / Netherlands has opened its new corporate headquarters.

Nano Planet has created a "welfare oasis” for car detailing in which cars are coated with the high quality CCM Liquid Glass coatings in a sophisticated atmosphere, where the latest detailing technologies are utilized.


Individual Trainings bookable

Since January 2018 our colleague Yavuz Melek can be booked for individual training and application services.

Here is the full offer.

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